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Home for Every Child Adoption Society is a Registered Canadian Charity; we are committed to promoting awareness of the current global orphan crisis and the need for special needs and waiting child adoption and advocacy.

Adoption & Foster Care



and support.

We are currently restructuring

We are in the midst of working through a shift in leadership and restructuring. 

A lot has changed since 2020 and we are determining our next steps and key areas of focus moving foward.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate this next chapter in supporting children and families.



Home for Every Child is a national, grassroots charity looking to have a big impact in seeing kids find and thrive in loving, forever homes.


Home for Every Child Adoption Society only operates from the generous volunteers who help

run our organization.



We strive to engage together with the community to change the lives of vulnerable children through adoption, foster care, and family strengthening.



We are hiring drivers for driving and supervision of children in care in the lower mainland


Home for Every Child Adoption Society is incredibly grateful to the many businesses that sponsor our organization and help us serve our community.



Home for Every Child Adoption Society runs primarily on donations and fundraisers through our community.

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Home for Every Child Adoption Society has a passion for all people to know the current crisis facing millions of children today. With more than 30,000 children waiting for adoption in Canada, and over 20 million children worldwide, most people are not aware of the urgent need for foster and adoptive parents.


Find out more:


Adoptive Parent Counselling provides one-to-one and couples counselling for adoptive parents experiencing challenges in their adoption journey.

Supporting a child to understand their history and challenges can help them navigate the current behaviors and feelings they may be experiencing.


Having a child move from their current living arrangements into your home can be a traumatic experience. Whether the transition occurs from an orphanage, a foster home, or a baby which has just been born, they are experiencing a level of grief and loss and many other emotions. We are happy to help navigate that process and answer any questions you might have along the way.


Learn more about adoption and foster care! Home for Every Child Adoption Society offers many avenues where you can learn more about adoption and foster care.


We offer support services including in-person and over the phone support to those considering adoption, in the process of an adoption or whom have already adopted. 


Support services offered:


   > Post adoption assistance

   > Adoption grants

   > Family gatherings

   > Support groups

   > Parenting groups

   > Mentorship

   > Special needs


Home for Every Child Adoption Society runs primarily on donations and fundraisers through our community. We are always looking for more support to help offer programs and support the efforts of finding more children a forever family.


Donation options include:


   > Monthly Church Support (suggested amount of $200/month)

   > Monthly Share-a-thon support of $20/month

   > Personal and Corporate Donations

   > Sponsorships and donations for fundraising events


For a detailed funding request document detailing programs we would like to initiate, please contact

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