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Links to Canadian Adoption Information

Adoption Information

Adoption Funding Sources

Adoption Funding

Adoptions of children who are already in the Canadian child welfare system typically have little to no cost and are eligible for post-adoption assistance funding.

However, private and international adoptions can carry a steep price tag and often do not qualify for the same post-adoption assistance services. 


Financial grants for Canadian, Christian, adopting couples


Supporting Canadian churches to start adoption funds

national bank of canada2.jpg

National Bank of Canada provides information on loans and options to finance adoptions


Eligible adoption expenses can be claimed for your Canadian taxes.

This government of Canada page on income tax explains adoption tax credits


A one time $6,000 government subsidy for private adoptions in families with a household income less than $180,000 a year


Adoption assistance (also known as adoption subsidy) helps adoptive families access medical care, counseling or therapy, special equipment, tutoring programs, and other supports that help them raise their children who have been in foster care. There is no national adoption assistance program in Canada


Subsidies are available for children adopted from government care for eligible families with combined net family income of $97,856 or less. Supports are also available for children with specific special needs

Practical Tools & Programs

Programs & Tools

These are some programs and resources that we love:

Hope for the Journey

Annual Conference & Simulcast

The Hope for the Journey conference happens each spring and is simulcast worldwide. This is ideal for anyone who works with children in any capacity. The training lays the foundation for how early, adverse, childhood experiences impact children's brain development, bodies and behaviours and how to effectively work with these children. The material includes research-based tools to promote attachment and connection in families such as Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) methods developed by Drs. Karyn Purvis and David Cross at the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development at TCU. TBRI is a care model designed to help meet relational and developmental needs of children and youth impacted by trauma.

BRAVE for Girls

Outreach and Mentoring Program

"Most of the women I’ve met on the streets and in the brothels of Western cities haven’t come from far away, impoverished villages on the other side of the globe, like we so often hear or imagine. They started in foster care. The stats are alarming: 70-80% of street and indoor prostituted people trafficked in America come from “the system.”

BRAVE is a campaign that invites God’s people to reach out to the most vulnerable girls with a message of empowerment in every community across the Western world.

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