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We are doing very well and have been excited to see Isaac grow and learn as a part of our family over the last two years. Home for Every Child was a huge support for us and helped us to fund our adoption of Isaac from Ukraine. It was an overwhelming process that became that much easier from the support, both financial and emotional, that Home for Every Child was able to provide for us. Without agencies like them, we would never have been able to adopt Isaac and he still would be in the adult institution that we picked him up from. We were told when we adopted him at 6 years old that he was non-verbal, could only walk with support, and was unlikely to ever live independently. Since becoming a part of our family, he has blossomed into a non-stop talking, walking, running machine. He is such a bright spark in our family and is loving life. Thank you for all that you do for us and for the many other families you support as well.

Adam and Heather

Having the 5 hours/month respite funds from A Home for Every Child has been life-giving for us.  Knowing that we would have the funds to afford childcare for a monthly date night has brought much needed relief to my husband and I and provided some time for connection. We have been able to have dedicated time to chat about the kids and their needs, to focus on our relationship and to just have fun being together.  We once used it on a weekend afternoon and each had a big nap! We came home from each outing feeling that much more refreshed and connected.  It has been rare for us to get away together, so the ability to prioritize this has been very beneficial and we have new insight into how vital it is to keep our marriage healthy and communication open.  Thank you so much for helping to make this possible!

Erin and Lonnie

I opened the cheque for the grant money from Home For Every Child and read the letter that accompanied it and cried. We’ve been going through such a difficult time, and knowing that we can now access practical help for our family gave me hope. We are so grateful to Home For Every Child for this grant. This will make a tangible difference in the life of our family.

Carmyn and Mike

I received support from Home for Every Child in the summer of 2018. My daughter Deepa is 5 years old and is blind. She was adopted from India and came home with delays in most areas. We used our funding support to go towards in-home occupational therapy that kept Deepa busy for the entire summer before she started kindergarten. We had a wonderful therapist come to our house to work 1:1 with Deepa. I also got a bit of a break during these hours, which (for a single mom) was restful and a great time to catch up on other work that needed to get done. Deepa loved her OT time. Skills that they worked on included using a pincer grasp, putting her shoes on independently, and increasing her finger strength with the goal of being able to press keys on a braille writer. Deepa made a lot of progress in these areas and she had fun too! We are grateful to Home for Every Child for providing the funds needed so that Deepa could get this extra therapy.


Home for Every Child Adoption Society has been a wonderful resource for our family! The road to becoming adoptive parents can definitely be difficult to navigate, and it’s hard to know who to trust for advice when there are a variety of conflicting opinions. When I sent an email with several questions, Amanda was quick to set up a long phone conversation where she gently but honestly walked me through her own experiences and her thoughts on what we were going through with our adoption journey. I really appreciated how available she made herself, and as we’ve continued on our adoption journey, we’ve referred back to the advice she has given us time and time again. Having a resource like Home for Every Child is invaluable - not only are Amanda and Daniel adoptive and foster parents with many years of personal experience, as Christians we have so appreciate their perspective and understanding as fellow believers. This kind of organization is so necessary, and we have been encouraged by their commitment to children in need of a family and raising up more families to live out James 1:27!

Zach and Brittany Mallet

Vancouver Island, BC

We were very impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm of Amanda and her team. She was able to offer insight into our potential adoption process in a caring and concise manner.  We would highly recommend A Home For Every Child to anyone looking for guidance in the amazing journey towards adoption.

Mat and Connie Roersma

Langley, BC

When we first got in contact with Home For Every Child our dream of adoption was still a seed in our heart that we were afraid to tell anyone about. Home For Every Child gave us a safe place to ask questions and start to let that dream take root. The knowledge and support we received from this organization helped us realize that adoption was possible for our family. We are so grateful for all the time and wisdom Home For Every Child poured out to us without which we would have never brought home our beautiful little girl.

Curtis ad Remiah Towns

Surrey, BC

When I had questions regarding adopting my foster son, or questions about court, this agency, particularly Amanda, was there to answer them. I don't think I would have been able to navigate this process without their help. I am truly grateful for all the people involved in this agency, who walk alongside people like myself during a highly emotional and possibly stressful time. Thank you! 

Mel Gunther

Abbotsford, BC

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