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Home for Every Child Adoption Society is a Registered, Canadian Charity; we are committed to promoting awareness of the current global orphan crisis and the need for special needs and waiting child adoption and advocacy, both overseas and through local foster care and domestic adoptions. Our key areas of focus are on adoption and foster care advocacy, awareness, education, and support.


​We strive to engage the support of the community as we work to change lives through adoption and foster care, building families together.


Our Vision


Our vision is to see all children in permanent, loving and stable families. 


We seek to provide awareness around the need for adoptive and foster families. We advocate for the needs of children, parents, and all those involved to encourage whole, healthy families. We aim to  educate adoptive and foster parents, professionals, family members and all those involved in the life of a child on important topics such as: attachment, trauma, grief & loss, special needs, culture, and more. We have a passion to support adoptive and foster families financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically through various grants and programs. We desire to see all children in positive relationships with peers and family members. 


We also envision a future wrap-around program for teens aging out of the foster care system, including mentors, education and supports.

Please note: We are not a licensed adoption agency at this time.

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