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Adoption and Foster Care: An Overview


This condensed workshop will offer an awareness session the first hour, explaining the current need for adoptive and foster families, ways to get involved, and the current global orphan crisis. The second hour will include Adoption 101 and Fostering 101 condensed into one hour.  Feel free to come for both sessions or a single session. 

Fostering 101

Are you interested in becoming a foster parent? Find out the process, requirements, break down fears and myths, and learn about why children come into care. If fostering has ever crossed your mind, this workshop is for you!

Adoption 101

This workshop provides information to those considering the adoption process. Learn about the various adoption options including domestic adoption, ministry adoption, international adoption, embryo adoption and direct placement adoption. Find out information on specific adoption related topics such as transracial adoptions and special needs adoptions, and what common challenges are associated with the adoption process and after your child comes home. Learn how much adoption costs and how to finance an adoption, openness, attachment and how to include your extended family in the process.

Aboriginal Permanency

More than 50% of children in foster care are Aboriginal. In this workshop you will discover the need for Aboriginal adoptive families and how non-aboriginal families can adopt. Find out about cultural plans, the history of Aboriginal child welfare, alternatives to adoption and the importance of education.

Special Needs Adoptions

Find out the basics of common special needs associated with adoption including Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, HIV, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Institutionalization. Learn strategies to work with children, and tips on parenting. This course is beneficial before choosing an adoption path as many special needs are associated with certain adoption programs.

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