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Home for Every Child Adoption Society is a grassroots organization dreamed up by the hearts of a group of adoptive moms. After a local Christian adoption agency closed down, the group of moms felt there was still a need for a Christian Adoption Agency, and over a meal at Boston Pizza, they decided to start their own!


Years later it has developed into a Christian hub for adoption and foster care support, education and awareness. The organization is governed by it's dedicated board of directors and operates it's programs through various skilled professionals. Home for Every Child Adoption Society doesn't operate without its volunteers, and together they all share a passion for children waiting for families!

Amanda Preston

Amanda Preston is an adoptive and foster mother to 8 children through the Ministry of Children and Families. Married to her husband Daniel for 15 years, they both have a passion for children and special needs. Amanda and her husband began pursuing adoption when they were only 19 and 20 years old and have never looked back! Amanda is also a registered social worker and contract home study provider. Amanda has a passion for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and other special needs, and has a desire to see all children in a forever family regardless of their age, background or ability.

Founder / Executive Director

Jon LeFave

Jon LeFave is a husband and father to three children. He serves on staff at Peace Portal Alliance. He is passionate about community transformation and how neighbours care for one another. He is thrilled to be a part of the team, helping think through ways we can mobilize our communities to care for one another. 


Brandalyn Musical, BSc

Brandalyn Musial is our Vancouver Island Representative. She and her husband of 10 years, Jesse, live in Coombs, B.C. where their home has always had an open door for youth in need. Her professional life took a dramatic turn in 2015 from being a professional marine biologist to turning her focus to orphan and adoption advocacy. She has a passion for the cause of children with disabilities, and particularly those without the support and protection of a loving family. During the last few years on a steep learning curve in a new area of focus, she has identified a desire to bring greater awareness to the needs of vulnerable children both locally and internationally and to help support, equip and wrap around at-risk and foster/adoptive families. She hopes to bring awareness, education and support to those on Vancouver Island through and extension of our programs.

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Catherine is the adoptive, biological and foster mom to many. She has been married to her husband Steven for 13 years and has been fostering since bringing her oldest son home from the NICU just months after her wedding. She works part time as a Registered Nurse in the NICU and is a Safe Baby Home with MCFD. She currently sits as the President of Fraser Valley Foster Parent Association. She loves 'glamping' and travelling with her family and is passionate about foster care, adoption and special needs children. 


​Lisa Warnock

Lisa Warnock is a mom who is blessed with 11 amazing children, including the adoption of a sibling set of 7 foster children through the Ministry of Children and Families.  Married to her husband Ray for 33 years, they both have a passion for foster care, adoption, children and special needs. Nine of their 11 children have varying special needs. Lisa and Ray are both elementary school teachers who also have their diplomas in special education. They are also blessed to have 3 grandchildren. Their adventurous family loves travelling and enjoying the great outdoors.  Lisa would like to see all children find their "forever family." She also hopes to bring awareness, education and support to families who foster and adopt.

Board Member

Matthew Baker

Matthew Baker is a Husband and father to three children. He has a passion for excellence that flows through his personal and professional life. After more than 20 years in customer service and business management, Matthew has launched his own business and is the President of Journey Flooring & Finishings in Langley, BC. A strong skill set and knowledge base focused in Operational and Strategic Planning has developed throughout his career and are key elements that Matthew brings to the leadership team at Home for Every Child.

Board Member

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