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Who We Are

Home for Every Child is a small organization seeking to have a big impact in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children. We are passionate about seeing every child thrive in a loving, forever home. We know that it truly takes a village of engaged, wrap-around support to hold families together, bring children into families and see families reunited. Sometimes that means helping families navigate the processes of foster care or adoption. Sometimes that means supporting families to overcome barriers to adoption. Often that means supporting kids and families to stay together, navigate the challenges resulting from the trauma and brokenness of hurt and loss and accessing the supports and therapies needed to thrive. 

In the same way that parents can't do it all on their own to foster, adopt or raise these kids, we can't do it all to support them. It takes a community. We at Home for Every Child want to be a channel connecting community members to children and families through increased awareness, promotion of practical engagement strategies, opportunities to volunteer and ways to share resources to strengthen and equip families to thrive together for the long run.


Most of us who want to make a tangible difference aren't counselors or outreach workers and so we typically feel ill-equipped to really engage in any meaningful way with vulnerable children and families. But together we can bring skilled, knowledgeable people, practical resources, training opportunities and caring hearts together to make a big difference, one child at a time. 

Together with the support of individuals across Canada we:

  • Help the Canadian children waiting for adoption to be SEEN and better understood, advocating for their permanency in loving homes

  • Demystify the adoption, foster care, kinship and respite processes for everyday Canadians

  • Encourage everyone to consider what something they can do to support vulnerable kids and families

  • Provide or share opportunities to engage in meaningful ways in the support of kids and families

  • Provide training for individuals and communities to be better equipped to help kids and families in deep ways that make a difference

  • Leverage the generosity of individuals to help families adopt and then to access needed supports including counselling, therapies, medical devices, and training that will enable them and their children to overcome hard pasts and thrive

  • Equip families to be more resilient and support one another in their journeys through support groups, networking, training etc.

  • Encourage foster, adoptive, kinship, respite and bio families that they are SEEN, they are CELEBRATED, they are SUPPORTED


Our Team

Our Story

Home for Every Child Adoption Society was dreamed up by the hearts of a group of adoptive moms. After a local Christian adoption agency closed down, the group of moms felt there was still a need for a Christian Adoption Agency, and over a meal at Boston Pizza, they decided to start their own. But this wasn't the ending this story was meant to have. When the door to becoming an adoption agency closed, the team looked for other ways to meet the needs of children in desperate need of a family. Under the leadership of its founder Amanda Preston, who served as Executive Director from 2012 to September 2023, the charity has provided financial grants and other support services to foster and adoptive families across Canada as well as hosting numerous awareness champaigns and information sessions to engage and equip communities for meaningful engagement with vulnerable kids and families. 

Now, more than a decade later, Home for Every Child has developed into a Christian hub for adoption/foster care/kinship care support, education and awareness. The organization is governed by a board of directors and operates it's programs through partnerships with various skilled professionals, volunteers and donors who share a passion for seeing all children secure in loving, forever families.

After navigating the challenges of a changed world amid COVID-19, and a season of pause, the charity has shifted leadership in September 2023 to Brandalyn Musial accepting the role of Executive Director. 

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