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5 Families Wrap-Around Support

Did you know that 50% of foster parents quit after the first year?

Do you know WHY?

They feel ill-equipped

They lack support/feel alone

Would you be more likely to foster or adopt if you knew that you weren't going into it alone?

What if you knew that you were going in with a team of 4 other families who were committed to walking the journey with you and being there when you needed them?

It truly takes a village to raise a child!

Foster Family.png

We are championing the 5 families concept for foster care and adoption.

The 5 families concept is:

  • Five families commit to go into foster care/adoption TOGETHER

    • Before a formal application is made, the 5 families commit to journey as a team

    • The foster family applies and begins the foster/adoptive family intake and training process

    • The four supporting families learn alongside the foster/adoptive family

      • (through formal government training or informally through the foster/adoptive family)

    • Some or all of the four supporting families get approved as respite for the foster/adoptive family

  • Following placement of a child, the 5 families work together as one, extended family to support the placed child and foster/adoptive family

    • Four families are the first call for support:​

      • Driving​ kids

      • Babysitting

      • Picking up groceries/prescriptions

      • Respite

      • Emotional support/listening ear

      • Play dates

      • Mentoring

      • Meals/practical support

    • ..

  • ..

Why 5 families?

  • ​Large enough to have a practically available pool of support

  • Small enough to be intimately acquainted and safe with one another

  • Diversity of gifting and skill sets

  • Enough manpower to be long-term sustainable

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