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We understand that parenting children from hard places can be very difficult and that often extra support is required to help families thrive. We have partnered with qualified professional counsellors who specialize in meeting all your family's needs.


To help with the costs you can apply to our post-adoption/fostering assistance fund, and we can help to cover the cost.

ThriveLife Counselling also has our applications at their office. 

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Andrea Pastoor provides Equine Assisted Therapy as well as counselling for families. As an adult, international adoptee herself, she has a personal understanding of some of the needs of adoptive children and families. "I would have loved to have had this type of support when I was younger" she says.

Andrea completed the Marriage and Family program at Trinity Western University and provides trauma informed care, trained in Family Systems therapy. Equine Assisted Therapy is conducted at the Cloverdale equestrian facility.

Innova Therapy has a great page explaining the benefits of Equine Assisted Therapy with Andrea.

Counselling — Innova and A&T Equestrian

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A Child’s Song provides consultation, education and therapy to families joined together through foster care, adoption and all forms of permanency. We believe that parents have the potential to provide the most effective support for their child most of the time. Given the right information, skills and strategies, parents can provide the healing experiences their child requires to form strong family connections and to develop optimally.A Child’s Song also offers individual counselling for adults, adolescents and children who are experiencing symptoms of trauma, anxiety or adjustment difficulties.

A Child’s Song was developed to meet the needs of fostering, adoptive and permanent families who are struggling with unique parenting challenges. Without a clear understanding of how trauma and caregiver losses impact a child, parents will implement strategies that, although well intentioned, may actually do more harm than good to the child and to the relationship. A Child’s Song is committed to supporting families to become the expert on their child and develop the tools to become therapeutic parents.

If you have any general questions regarding A Child Song's services, please direct questions to


Trust Based Relational Intervention Practitioner (TBRI) is a powerful, scientifically backed, attachment-based methodology that has brought hope and healing to many children and families navigating the impacts of hard pasts. 

Care Well Academy out of Winnipeg, MB provides TBRI-based training to individuals, churches and organizations seeking to better care for those in their community who have lived deep hurts, and support vulnerable families and children.

TBRI Practitioners are trained to teach the TBRI Caregiver Training program to families, churches, professionals and communities enabling them to better understand and care for kids who have experienced loss and trauma. Trained practitioners can be found across Canada and around the world. Find a Trust Based Relational Intervention Practitioner (TBRI) in your area:

ThriveLife Counselling & Wellness was born out of a longing to have like-minded, highly skilled clinicians, jointly striving to support one another and the clients we serve, in living out thriving lives. Our office is located in the quaint community of historic Fort Langley with river views, the hum of passing trains, and the spirited hustle and bustle of locals out for a walk.


We, as a collective, share a joint vision of growth and wellness for the clients we serve. All of our counsellors have Master's degrees in counselling psychology and are grounded in a trauma-informed approach to therapy. Within our team we have clinicians with experience working with adoption and related challenges including attachment, adjustment, sibling adjustment, stress associated with challenges navigating the adoption system, post-adoptive depression, and other related mental health concerns. We also have clinicians with experience working with trauma, grief and loss, addictions, disordered eating and body-related concerns, as well as couples and family dynamics. Please visit our website to learn more. If you have any  general questions regarding ThriveLife Counselling & Wellness, or are unsure which counsellor might fit your needs best, please direct questions to

Deer Creek Family Support and Therapy is based in Deer Creek, Alberta and founded by the founder of Home for Every Child! Amanda is an advocate for all things adoption, foster care and neurodiversity. She and her husband have been adoptive and foster parents for more than 18 years, raising neurodivergent children. They know firsthand the trenches parents walk through and the unique nuances associated with these journey's.  


If you're looking for counselling as a single or couple, adult or child, we have experienced counsellors and psychologists here to support you on that journey.

If you're a parent looking for support for raising a neurodiverse child, we are here to support you too!

If you require an assessment to learn more about your child, we offer psycho-educational assessments, autism assessments, and Irlen testing. 

We offer services in-person and virtually across Alberta. Each clinician will have their in-person location below their bio. We also offer counselling virtually in British Columbia.

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