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Home for Every Child is powered by generous volunteers who give of their time, talents and resources to see kids and families well cared for. There is a role for everyone; come find your fit!


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Crafting For a Cause

Holiday Sale

We are looking for people who want to serve kids and families through crafting! Yes, you read that correctly. We want to utilize handmade, handwritten cards for our Home for Every Child correspondence. If you're a card maker, we want to hear from you!

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Web Support

Holiday Sale

If websites, domains and webmail bring you joy, it would bring us joy to connect with you! We could use some tech-savvy support in this domain



Holiday Sale

We want to be accountable and transparent in how we put your donations to work to support kids and families. If money and financial tracking are your areas of strength and you would like to support us in this capacity, we would love to connect and chat!


Audio/Visual Production

Holiday Sale

The needs of children become more real and carry a deeper impact when their stories are told and we can paint a picture of their reality with and without family. If you have the skills to create audio or visual resources that can help us more effectively advocate for vulnerable kids, we'd like to meet you.


Research and Connections?

Holiday Sale

Canada is a big place and we have a lot of people and service providers to connect with if we want to offer families across our nation the best support that we can.

If you enjoy talking to people and you're interested in helping us to make phone calls, give us a ring and let's get you going!

Provincial Contacts

Holiday Sale

Our dream is to have representatives of Home For Every Child in all 10 provinces and 3 territories of our nation. If you're tuned into the local conditions and service providers in your province (or you'd like to be) and you'd like to work with us, we'd like to get to know you.

We can ALWAYS welcome more people to engage with:

  • our prayer team

  • mentorship

  • community engagement

  • fundraising

  • event planning and prep

  • professional services

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