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Raising kids is expensive. Bringing a child into your home from another country carries substantial costs. Any children in government care have lost their original families and homes, and as such, have experienced trauma. Having the support of knowledgeable, skilled counsellors makes a huge difference in enabling children to heal from their past wounds. Many children will need additional, specialized supports and therapies for physical or developmental disabilities.

We don't want finances to be the reason why families avoid welcoming a child into their home. Together, we can lessen that burden.

 We leverage donations to:

  • Help families bring a child into their home

  • Ensure that children get the supports they need to thrive at home

  • Support families during the hard times

  • Enable families to receive the training they need to best understand and care for their children

  • Educate communities on how to wrap around children and families


Donation options include:

   > One Time Gift

   > Monthly Church Support (suggested $200/month)

   > Monthly Individual Donor Support (suggested $20/month

   > Personal and Corporate Donations

   > Sponsorships and donations for fundraising events


For a detailed funding request document detailing programs we would like to initiate, please contact

Monthly Donation Options:

One Time Donation:

Please fill out automatic withdrawl form and 

email to



Professional counselling for parents

Speech therapy

Therapeutic riding lessons

Professional counselling for kids

Learning support tools

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