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Making the decision to adopt can be one of the biggest and most rewarding decisions of your life! Navigating the world of adoption, however, can be daunting! With no centralized website of information, it is often confusing to know what rules apply to your area, what types of adoption are available, what the requirements look like, and how to choose the path that is right for your family. With our pre-adoption consultations we can provide information on the various types of adoption including: domestic adoption, ministry adoption, international adoption, embryo adoption and direct placement adoption.  We can help discuss the various costs, special needs, processes and time frames associated with various programs. We can discuss the impact of transracial adoptions and how that can play a role in your decision. In addition, we can connect you with various adoptive parents who have experience with the program you are interested in.


Consultations can occur in person, over the phone, via-e-mail or through skype, making it possible for families across the province to access the information they are looking for.


If you are interested in receiving a consultation on adoption, be sure to phone our office at 778-549-5052! All consultations are complimentary as we believe every child deserves a family and we want to support you in that process!

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