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About the Event

2021 Home For Every Child Silent Auction

Open NOW until Friday, February 26th 2021

Click here to view the live auction

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About the Event

In this presentation, Ph.D. Candidate Pascal Gagné will offer a brief overview of the research on FASD and sexuality, what the law states, Internet safety, and how to manage challenging behaviors. This webinar is intended for parents of children and youth with FASD who want to know more about how to create a safe space in the home and keep their child safe in the community.

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The Hangout

A social relationship group to help facilitate friendships between youth through adoption and foster care. Also provides a 3 hour respite break for parents. Open to youth 10-18 years old. Cost is $20/child per outing (financial assistance available).

Boys groups and girls groups. Mentor facilitated. 

Outings will include: movies, bowling, lazer tag, cultural events, food, crafts, spa nights and more!

To register e-mail us at

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