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Intentional - Personal - Relational Connections


In October we mailed 8 boxes of encouragement to adoptive, foster, respite and kinship families across Canada from nominations that came in from YOU

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In October we approved two adoption support grants in partnership with ABBA Canada

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YOU are helping us to identify what the biggest needs are for kids and families in 2023 and where help is most needed. Share our Needs Assessment Survey

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We can support families because YOU share your time and resources to enable us to give where the needs are greatest. We can't do it without YOU!

Number of support requests received since Oct 1:



There are more than 30,000 children waiting for adoption
in Canada, and over 20 million children waiting worldwide.


Most Canadian provinces have more children coming into government care than there are available foster homes.


What if Canadians knew the needs and how average people can made a huge difference?

Find out more:


The needs are bigger than any of us can address on our own. But we can do better TOGETHER!

We are passionate about making connections and working with others in this sphere to build communities around at-risk children and families and those engaged in foster care and adoption.

  • Let us link you to families who have walked the journey that you are considering

  • Help us reduce the financial burden on families by giving towards adoption, post-adoption and general assistance grants

  • Connect with the professionals to lead you through the processes for respite, foster care or adoption

  • Join a training session to get better equipped to understand and support hurting kids


Yes, Canada needs more foster and adoptive parents, but do you know what would make a HUGE difference?

People committed to walk with these children and families

  • mentor

  • provide respite

  • befriend

  • check-in

  • understand the impacts of trauma

  • be a listening ear

  • drive kids

  • pick up groceries

  • invite these families to social events

  • speak value

  • love them - for real


Our finances come from donations and fundraisers through our community. The support that we receive determines the level of support that we can provide to families and furthers the efforts of finding more children a forever family.


Your Donations Support:


   > Counselling for kids and families

   > Necessary therapies for kids that are otherwise not covered

   > Education and equipping for families

   > Awareness and educational events for communities

   > And more


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